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Iglesias Del Oeste

We believe that God is going to transform communities, nations and the world through the work of His Church. 


We hope to come alongside the Spanish-speaking church to blow wind in their sails to help them achieve their God-given purpose.

We accomplish our goal of supporting the Church by training leaders through our seminary, Seminario del Oeste, by creating networks of mission-focused churches that are impacting regions around Latin America and beyond with Iglesias del Oeste networks of churches, we empower and encourage women through Body and Soul and we look to take the Gospel to difficult to reach places through our missions ministry.

Join our team of supporters to help us train more than 500 church leaders in Spanish speaking nations and communities, work alongside national leaders to plant dozens of new churches, and transform communities, regions and nations through the Gospel of Jesus.

Fulfilling the mission of God is something that all of us have been invited to participate in.  Watch for opportunities to serve alongside Iglesias del Oeste ministries in Latin America or adopt a Latin American church in prayer and encouragement.  Contact us for more information.

Advancing the Gospel by equipping leaders who form healthy churches that transform communities, regions, nations and the world.

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