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Meet The Team




Jim and Annie Culp are the directors of Iglesias del Oeste and its family of ministries. Jim has a master's degree and a doctorate in pastoral ministry. Annie has a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, is a graduate of Seminario del Oeste, and has her group fitness certification in both the United States and Mexico. Jim leads Seminario del Oeste, a leadership development program in five countries, and an Iglesias del Oeste ministry. Annie is the founder of Body and Soul, a women's fitness and faith ministry. They have been married for 26 years and have three children: Daniel (22), Benjamin (20) and Kate (17). They have lived in Mexico for over four years after serving as pastors for almost 20 years in the United States.




Luis and Miriam Ruiz, directors of the local network of churches of Iglesias del Oeste and serve on the executive team of Iglesias del Oeste. Residents of Ensenada, B.C., they are married with a son, Ezequiel. Both are graduates in Communication Sciences and graduates of Seminario del Oeste with a diploma of Tecnico Superior in Biblical leadership, and are currently pursuing a master's degree in Seminario del Oeste.  They have served in the area of teaching and worship, as well as organizing and managing projects in various ministries.




Amador and Yadira Álvarez are pastors and directors of the Seminario del Oeste, San Quintín campus. Amador studied at Theological Seminary and Yadira has a Bachelors in Law. Both are graduates of Seminario del Oeste, have Diplomas in Biblical Interpretation and Expository Preaching and are currently pursuing a master's degree in Seminario del Oeste. They are founders and pastors of the Dios de Gloria Ministry. They have been married for 25 years, and they have three children: Abraham (24) Christopher (22) and Michelle (20); and they have two grandchildren, Alessandro (6) and Sebastián (18 months). They received the gospel in 2000 and were called to be pastors almost six years ago.



Arturo & Heather Molina joined Iglesias del Oeste in 2022 as directors of the network of churches in San Quintin. Arturo felt called to ministry while completing his studies as an agricultural engineer. Heather felt called to move from Canada, and they met working together for a non-profit in San Quintin. They were married in 2015 and began to serve the community together full-time. Over the next several years they developed a heart for the local pastors and have a passion to see them encouraged and equipped. Arturo & Heather are both currently students in Seminario del Oeste, working towards graduating with a Masters Degree in Biblical Leadership. Arturo & Heather serve with their children, Iker (11), Titan (6) and Luna (3).

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Glenn Luke is a recent addition to the Iglesias Del Oeste Team. He spent his last few years as a missionary in Southeast Asia working as a church planter amongst unreached people groups. He moved to Ensenada in early 2021 and is now in charge of mobilization for Iglesias Del Oeste. Glenn has a deep desire to care for, equip and send Latinos to share the good news to the most unreached parts of Latin America and beyond.



Felipe Miguel and Paola have been married for 3 years, they met at the Bible Institute “Cristo por su Mundo” when they were students. They decided that their marriage would serve the Lord, since then it has been a great adventure when they decided to stay in Baja California to serve.

They have the beautiful opportunity to serve in the Foundation For His Ministry FFHM, Cristo por su Mundo, Ensenada, B.C.; as house parents, they have 10 teenagers under their care from 12 to 18 years old; and also they serve in the church “Ministerio Dios de Gloria” in the community of "Las Aves" as pastors.

They are also collaborating in Seminario del Oeste, as teachers wishing to continue growing in the ministry and in their marriage for the glory and honor of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Sergio and Mary De La Mora, founders of Team Kairos ministry, a ministry partner of the family of ministries of Iglesias del Oeste. They have been serving in ministry for over fifteen years, with a passion and focus on biblical counseling, and spiritual, relational and emotional healing. They are graduates of Seminario del Oeste with a diploma of Tecnico Superior in Biblical Leadership.  They have been married for 9 years, have 9 children and five grandchildren.



Juan and Elizabeth Huerta are teachers at Seminario del Oeste por Extension.

They are pastors in a church located in a community of Ensenada called José López Portillo and they have a beautiful 11-year-old girl.

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Vanessa is married with Andrés, they have been married for 1 year and they live in Ensenada, B.C.

Vanessa is a graphic designer, she keeps Iglesias del Oeste running smoothly in her role as administrative assistant and she handles the details of our finances and both administrative and design needs.

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