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As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


According to the International Bulletin of Mission Research, by the year 2050 it is estimated that the majority christian population, approximately 80%, will be found in the global south (south of the equator) with high concentrations of those christians in Asia, Africa and Latin America. This marks a huge shift in global Christianity.


We are seeing the explosion of Christianity within Latin America. Latinos are experiencing the transforming power of a personal relationship with Christ like never before, not only this but more and more Latinos are desiring to take the gospel to places outside of their local communities. This means there exists a huge opportunity to disciple and empower Latinos to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. 


Our ministry of Mobilization exists for that very reason. 

Mobilization is defined as: the act or process of marshaling, organizing, or preparing something for action. A common military term. 


Our desire is to see a new generation of Latinos equipped, cared for and sent to accomplish the purpose God is calling them to.


Ben & Sara 

Dominican Republic

Ben and Sara Culp are recent newlyweds and excited to serve God wherever He calls. Their call is to share the good news of Jesus Christ and show His love through acts of service. Whether that is in the United States, Mexico or to the ends of the earth, they are ready. God has given them the opportunity to serve alongside a Pastor and his family in the Dominican Republic in 2023. It is a country that has a great need to hear, know and experience Jesus. Help them by partnering with prayer, specifically that they would be guided by the Holy Spirit in this mission and that they would develop a deeper love for Christ!


Cesar & Paty

North Africa


Cesar and Paty are from Southern Mexico serving as missionaries in the North of Africa, for almost 14 years they were located in a highly muslim location  and currently now have 1 year in another muslim country. With plans to settle down in the southern part of this location, they have plans to develop a project by providing prosthetic legs to bless those most in need and share the good news with them. Pray for them as they discern where and how to develop their project, pray for deep relationships with the lost so they may share the good news of Christ. 


Caleb & Gabby


Caleb and Gabby Smith have been serving in Mexico full time since 2019. Caleb came as a missionary to Mexico to serve in rehab centers, giving discipleship, and helping guide those struggling with drugs. Together with Gabby they serve in 6 orphanages in their Mexican locality, helping provide for basic needs and discipleship for the youth that come out of situations of abandonment and violence. Two and a half years ago, God put on their hearts the country of Romania because of the history they have with the Holocaust of orphans and the open door to missionaries and the gospel as a result of the fall of communism in 1990. Caleb and Gabby are preparing to go on a vision/mission trip to Romania in September 2022 and have long term plans to serve in this country starting in 2023.



Ensenada, Mexico

Marveli is 23 years old, she was born in Iquitos, the jungle region of Peru.  Marveli has been the Reflejo Peru director for almost three years.  The team has been working with children from different communities, sharing the gospel, and providing educational programs for them.  Marveli will be moving to Ensenada, Mexico to join the Iglesias del Oeste team, she will start her own ministry called Rapha (the God who heals).  Marveli is a licensed therapist who is called to provide a program to help and support at-risk teens through emotional and spiritual care.  She will also be a part of the Mobilization ministry providing care for missionaries and empower women towards missions.



Oaxaca, México

Junike Llunay Breña y Teresa Ortega and their little one Samuel. Originally from the state of Oaxaca, God has called this couple to pastor and shepard churches in the mountainous region of Oaxaca. They are a young family that has been called into ministry by God’s grace and are very content serving in their isolated, lush, mountainous region. This region of Mexico is known for having many indigenous groups and more than 6+ languages spoken in the area. Junike and his family are pastoring families who speak Mazateco and their ultimate hope is that more and more of these people who come to know the saving grace of God!


Eduardo & Araseli


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